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5 Signs your white boyfriend is cheating on you

Have you recently got in a relationship with a white man? White men are known to have a dubious character and they may desire the company of other women if they think you're not the one. Although it isn't good to suspect your boyfriend all the time, sometimes you do need to test his loyalty. If you suspect that your boyfriend is cheating on you, there are various ways to find out the same. Here are some very simple steps to find out whether your man is cheating on you:

His phone is always busy

Have you ever tried calling him and find his phone busy at all times- whether it is in the late night or early morning. When you ask him, he says that he was talking to his sister, his friend or his colleague. Try following his calls for a month or so and if you see that his phones are busy for most of the time, he is surely cheating on you.

He tells you that he is not yet ready for the relation

Not every person chooses to get into an interracial relationship. If you’ve been dating for a while now but is hesitant to committing, there is certainly something wrong. This means that he is definitely cheating on you and meeting someone else, although it might not always be the case.

He is not inclined on introducing his friends to you

As a black woman, you'd be looking forward to connect with his white friends. However, there are chances he might not be as excited as you. While there are chances he is afraid to do so, it is also possible that he is cheating on you and doesn’t want his friends to know of any affair. He does not want to go with you to a public party; he does not want to take you to a party or does not want you to meet his parents as well.

He does not let you take his phone

You can be sure that he is cheating on you if he does not let you touch his phone. He carries his phone with him all the time, to the restroom too. If he gets really enraged if he finds you fidgeting with his phone, there are chances that he has a lot of calls and messages that he doesn’t want you to see.

He doesn’t give you much attention

You can also be sure that he is cheating on you if you yearn for his attention but he keeps on giving excuses that he is busy, has lot of work and others. He also does not believe in spending time with you.

Relationships between black women and white men have become very popular in the USA, thanks to the inception of dating sites like InterracialMatch.com. However, you have to bear in mind that not everyone can manage them.

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