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6 Things I Learnt while Dating White Guys

Growing up in Northern Kentucky, also the land of KFC’s finger licking chicken, I used to be the only black girl in most of my classes. Because of this, I had the opportunity to have a lot of white friends and I’ve dated quite a few. While there are some similarities when dating a man regardless of his ethnicity, a few things actually differ, primarily due to cultural differences. I have composed a list of 7 things that I learnt while dating white guys.

  • They never understand your hair: We do hate it when people ask us if we just got a haircut, don’t we? Our hair is sensitive and we know that but regardless of how often you tell this to your partner he would be amused to see the way you protect your hair. However, it does get easier to explain.

  • They don’t say the N-work but would ask why others do: While I have dated men that are smart enough to know that I’m not the voice of the entire race, I do get asked why black rappers use this word. You don’t have to be uncomfortable about the question and answer it with genuineness in order to avoid embarrassment.

  • They would need your help to respond to friends: Despite the fact that we live in a post – racism society, a lot of people aren't enlightened about the idea of interracial and your partner would have to answer a lot of questions pertaining to the differences between the races. Don’t be afraid to give him a script so that he doesn’t say anything wrong.

  • He would always be scared to meet your family: Given the fact that the relationship between the black and white people had been pretty bad in the past, your partner would hesitate to meet your parents. Before you plan on bringing your boyfriend over for dinner, speak with your family and ensure they approve of it.

  • You'd receive mean stares from others: I know that there are thousands of people that don’t approve of interracial dating. They still think that a difference of opinions would ruin the relationship and the individuals would certainly drift apart over a period of time. These old school thoughts are not true and thousands of interracial couples have proven this.

  • You expert to learn a lot: White men have a very different taste when it comes to food and music. This would indeed give you a unique opportunity to accompany him at a night of contemporary music played by his favorite band. Wouldn’t that be great? Furthermore, you also get to savor on some of his mom’s favorite delicacies.

  • Dating a white guy isn't a very difficult thing to do. However, if your approach is faulty, things would certainly go haywire.

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