The Best Dating Sites for Over 50 in 2022

The best dating sites for 50+ are not just for older people to hook up with people their age. It is also a good place to go if you’re young and look for a more mature partner, with many mature sites, such as FlirtyMature and IAmNaughty, allowing members of all ages to join.

Sites for over 50 are also good for mature users seeking a mature relationship. There are also plenty of standard dating sites where you can find a strong older membership. This includes the likes of eHarmony and Tinder.

This article will explore some of the leading mature sites to sign up for today. It will provide a general overview of their offerings and some other advice on what to sign up for.

FlirtyMature logo

FlirtyMature combines the fun of mature dating with youthful flirting. It’s a site geared towards older users with strong sexual desires. The majority of users found on the site are older men looking for women. Straight members dominate the site, but there are some older LGBTQ members. Sign-up is easy, and the site is generally straightforward.

IAmNaughty logo

Another casual dating site, IAmNaughty, is great for older men and women who want to get kinky. A big portion of the users is 55+. A free version is available to try, which gives you a sense of how to use the site. It also gives you a sense of the kind of members you may encounter.

TenderFling logo

TenderFling works as one of the great dating sites for over 50-year-olds. It’s a site for all that’s particularly popular amongst mature members. It is an excellent region-based matchmaking site for anyone wanting a quick hookup. As the name suggests, it’s not exactly a site for casual relationship seekers. It’s linked to Facebook.

Flirt logo

This website is easy to use, with plenty of mature females active regularly. It’s a slightly older site, so it has a slightly older understanding. It doesn’t have an app or any modern features, giving it a positive simplicity. Free accounts are available, but paid membership accounts aren’t too expensive.

EliteSingles logo

If you want your dating site matches to be mature older women, head to elite singles. Not only does the site have a high proportion of 45-55 females, but it’s a site focused on maturity. You won’t find anyone looking for a fling here. EliteSingles is primarily for professionals looking to settle down. Hence, you’ll find a lot of mature businesswomen.

Zoosk logo
4.0 is more popular amongst younger users. However, older over 50-year-olds are welcome to join too. It has an almost even split between men and women users. It is one of the most well-known dating sites today, with easy-to-use functions and search buttons. It’s possible to connect with Facebook for a quick sign-up and sign in.

eHarmony logo

eHarmony has a high number of members in their 40s and 50s. It’s a site specifically designed for bringing casual relationships together. Over 50 dating couldn’t be easier, with nice people to talk to on this site for organizing innocent dating. Users can set up their profiles and start browsing through algorithm-approved matches for free.

Tinder logo

Tinder is an app-based dating site that is free to use for all. It operates using a highly easy-to-use swiping feature. Users get a limited number of swipes per day and need to receive a swipe back to message other users. It’s very popular and perfect for over 50 match matchings.

BlackCupid logo

If you want mature interracial dating, head over to BlackCupid. It’s a site designed specifically for black dating. A dating site for all age groups, a lot of the members are between 35-54. However, any race or background can join. If you’re seeking out mature black women, BlackCupid is the site for you.

AsianDating logo

Out of all the over the 50s dating sites, AsianDating is the best for finding mature Asians. The majority of the users have their background in Asian countries. Despite this, anyone is free to join. The app and the website are easy to sign up and sign into. It only takes 5 minutes to complete the sign-up process!

How to Choose the Best Dating Sites Over 50?

Choose dating sites based on your ability with technology and what you are seeking. If you don’t have social media but want to look for mature dating, try a site with easy sign-up. Any dating profile provided by Cupid Media, such as AsianDating, has an extremely easy sign-up process. These sign-up sections shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes, allowing you to get to the date hunting sooner.

We’d recommend signing up for a site with social media sign-in if you do have social media. For example, TenderFling offers quick and easy sign-in via Facebook. This makes the whole process easier and a lot more secure.

All the sites listed in this article are good. It just depends on what you want from the dating experience! You should also base your dating site choice based on what you’re looking for. Go to BlackCupid for black dating, AsianDating for Asian dating, and so on. Head to EliteSingles for mature long-term dating or go to TenderFling for short-term hookups.

Some Tips for Over 50 Dating

If you’re looking for mature dating with the prospect of long-term relationships, keep the conversation clean and simple. Don’t go overly flirty when chatting to over 50-year-olds. Unless, of course, you’re on a site such as TenderFling.

If you’re on EliteSingles, for example, mature users aren’t interested in flirty chat. They want an engaging conversation that can be built on as your relationship grows, not just a throwaway conversation. It’s important to treat matches with respect and fairness. Try to convey to them the sense that you are genuinely interested in the long-term.

It’s good to take it slow with mature matches, too. Despite the need for some to gain a quick hookup, mature women like to be talked to beforehand. Ask them general things about their life to convey a sense of genuine interest in them. Make them feel as though they can trust you, securing your dates.

How to Join Dating Sites Over 50?

You can easily join any of the dating sites listed above by heading to the homepage of any of them. From here, you’ll be able to see what’s needed to sign up for each. Normally, it’ll just be a case of a few personal questions. These can be everyday things like name and location. Other times, you may be asked personality questions here so that the algorithm can start matching you.

Some dating sites, such as TenderFling, allow Facebook to sign up and sign in. This makes signing up easy and signing in even easier.

Are Over 50 Dating Sites Good for a Hookup?

Overall, the best one for hook up is FlirtyMature. This one is good because it is designed specifically for mature flirting. The flirting that goes on within the private messaging feature often leads to hookups. The overwhelming majority of members are over the age of 55.

Some mature dating sites for those over 50 are perfect for hookups. You can try this dating site using their free account, which provides members with 5 free messages per day. Premium accounts grant you unlimited messaging, allowing you to chat to matches all day long. Premium accounts help you secure more hookups, with more messages to organize them with.

Other 50+ websites, such as IAmNaughty, are great for arranging hookups for all age groups. There are plenty of mature members available to match with on sites such as this, too. IAmNaughty may not be as focused on mature dating as FlirtyMature but works just as well for organizing hookups. You can easily set your preferences to mature members only. This way, it’ll work just as well as other mature dating hookup sites.

These sites work by searching regionally for people in your area that meet your preferences. They’re great for hookups.

How Can You Stay Safe on Dating Sites Over 50?

You can stay safe on dating sites for 50+ by being able to identify bots and fake accounts. A lot of scammers will use sites aimed at mature people to take advantage of them.

If the profile picture looks unrealistic and they are offering you money/asking you for money, you should report them. Every dating site listed in this article will offer some form of 24-hour support. Alternatively, it’ll be possible to block the user on the site. You can normally easily block someone by visiting their profile and selecting the option for ‘block.’

You should also be cautious not to overshare information on over 50s dating sites. Anything personal such as your bank details and address, should be kept to yourself. Like anything, once you put something on the internet, it’s impossible to remove it completely. Be very careful not to get relaxed talking to a match and overshare.


The best dating sites for 50+ are a great way to meet, engage, flirt, and date mature women and men. Such sites as:

  • IAmNaughty
  • FlirtyMature
  • TenderFling

These sites are great for straight males to find straight females. They’re good for mature dating, as each site features smart filters that can help you find your desired age.

Many of these sites make dating at an old age simple. It may be difficult for a mature man to find a mature lady that’s still interested in hookups. Mature dating sites make this prospect possible by providing a way for older singles to connect. From casual chatrooms to more flirty ones, plenty of websites are available for mature lovers to find one another.

Many of the sites are in connection with Facebook, making them extra secure. Otherwise, there is good 24-hour help available on each, in case anything should go wrong. Be extra vigilant for anything suspicious, however, as mature online daters are often taken advantage of. Only talk about dating and a bit about yourself, without revealing too much. Hackers often set up profiles on mature dating sites as they think mature users will be easily deceived. Block users whenever it feels necessary.


What Do People Talk About Over 50 Dating Sites?

People mainly talk about what interests them on dating sites for people over 50. There is a need to be more patient when chatting to mature women. Do not jump straight into flirting with them.

How Do Over 50 Sites Differ From Each Other?

The best dating sites for over 50 free differ in terms of content and purpose. Such sites as FlirtyMature are designed specifically for mature dating. Other sites, including TenderFling, have a diverse age range.

How Do Over 50 Dating Websites Work?

Generally, you get given a list of potential matches. You can either approve or reject these matches. If the profile accepts you as well, you can start messaging them.

What 50 Dating Sites Can You Message for Free?

You can message for free on Tinder. Premium dating sites, such as eHarmony, let you send some fixed question messages free of charge.