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Considering one of the best chat sites, 321chat is a platform made up of free chat rooms that functions less like a traditional dating site. Instead, it’s more focused on building friendships first that evolve into relationships. Keep scrolling this review for more details!

5 Facts About 321chat

  • Launched in 2002, 321chat stands as one of the oldest chat sites on the Internet.
  • To use this dating site, you’re not required to pay a single cent.
  • What make 321chat unique are the chat rooms that are frequently moderated to prevent trolling.
  • 321chat has an app on the Google Play Store.
  • There are about 13 chat rooms.

About 321chat

This site was launched back in 2002 by Greg Barrow, who was originally a college student at the time. In the beginning, it was created to function as a gateway to the 321CTA domain network. Since then, the platform has undergone multiple redesigns, added new rooms such as the Lesbian chat, switched software such as DigiChat, CodyChat, and StelivoChat, and has committed to providing a modern and user-friendly experience. The moderation aspect of the dating site, which also regulates the appeals and rules, is run under someone by the name of ChatMaster.

Member Structure

With over 2 million active users, this platform is one that is constantly growing in popularity. It consists of 13 chat rooms that let you converse with whatever group you want. If you’re looking for rooms that go by age, you can enter the Teen Chat, Adult Chat, Senior Chat, and even the Kid Chat. For a gender room, you’re free to explore the Gay Chat, Lesbian Chat, Gay Teen, and Trans Chat. Whether you’re a furry or would like to connect with those of the same religion, there are special rooms for those categories too. Finally, what remains are the race-based chats, which include the Black Chat, Spanish Chat, and Asian Chat. Most users are in the United States, but the user base truly spans internationally over 100 countries.

321chat members

How do I Join 321chat?

If you thought the process would be complicated, you’d be wrong. In fact, it’ll only take a maximum of 15 minutes out of your day. To start, you’ll want to click on the “Start Chatting!” button, in which you’ll be led to the sign-in page. Next, you’ll want to begin the registration process. As soon as you fill in some basic information, including a username, email, password, gender, age, and some other details, your account will be created. Upon receiving your login, you can start using 321chat to your heart’s content and meet new people right away.

321chat joining
Profile Creation

The profile creation experience is basic but customizable at the same time. Because you’ll most likely be chatting with hundreds of people of your choosing rather than being directly matched up with an individual, your profile offers a quick at-a-glance view for those who you encounter. The ease of the profile viewing experience also makes it easy for you to view multiple profiles in a short amount of time. Customizable features include the ability to upload a chat avatar, modify display preferences for info such as your age, gender, country, and religion, and an ‘About Me’ section to provide a rundown on who you are and your interests.

321chat Profile Creation
Searching and Matchmaking

If you're on the hunt for a partner, the dating site's algorithm is prepared to set you up with one. After registering and sharing your information via your profile, 321chat will set you up with some potential choices from a list of offerings. As soon as you find an interest in someone, it's up to you to reach out and message them, wait for a reply, and then move over to an individual chatroom to proceed further. However, you can fine-tune your matches just a bit more by taking advantage of the searching options and filters equipped on the site. Some of the filtering choices include age, interests, location, and more.

Contacting with other Members

The beauty of 321chat lies in the ability to talk with hundreds of other people at a time. Upon entering a chat room, you'll be able to see the number of individuals online at the same time and click on their avatars to view their profile. If you'd like to change rooms and talk with another group of people, simply just tap on the house icon on the bottom right of your interface and select a room that appeals to you. On the dating site, you won't only be limited to group chats. Fortunately, you can opt to private message those with who you'd be interested in developing a further relationship.

Pros and Cons
  • A wide selection of chat rooms to talk in, with the choice to start out as a guest
  • Thousands of people live at any time
  • Filtering options let you fine-tune your matches
  • Ability to chat with hundreds of others, but also private message
  • High levels of security
  • Great customer support and user-friendly experience
  • A simple design that might not be the most eye-catching
  • Lack of a video chat tool
  • Slower updates and needs more modernization
Pricing Plans

There are three ways to enjoy all the features that 321chat offers. The most limited method is to enter the dating site as a guest. The benefit of it is that you don't need to register, but your abilities will be more restricted than if you signed up. The next tier is the free account, and lastly, the paid premium account.

Free services
What you can access with a free account is already adequately sufficient if you're just out to meet new people in general and possibly build some new friendships. You're free to enter any chat room you want and private message as well. The filling out of a questionnaire will help the algorithm provide you with more personalized matches.
Paid services
Messaging alone is fun and all. However, in this day and age, messaging isn't without its cute features, such as emojis, colors, and more. Luckily, 321chat has a premium account where you can become a VIP member for life. The features you'll receive can instantly upgrade your messaging power and provide deeper connections with your matches, such as emojis, name and text colors, a paste it option, chat history, and visibility.
Payment Methods

There isn't a set payment page that lists out specific prices. Because 321chat markets itself as a free dating site, you can become a VIP member by donating to the site. As soon as you click on the VIP registration, you'll be led to a page where you can donate through the PayPal system, which is the primary payment method.

Experts Conclusion

As a conclusion to this review, we can say that 321chat is a fantastic dating site to engage in conversation with those all around the world and build some deep relationships. It's best geared toward those who'd like to make more friends in general. If you're on the hunt for a serious relationship, you might want to try out a dating site that offers more robust features to match with a potential date or hookup partner. But in general, the high number of active users, great customer support, filtering options, low barriers to entry, and other pros make it a platform worth considering for friendship, dating, and even marriage.

321chat: how it actually works?

321chat works as a chatroom messaging platform where you can message people on a global scale and private message those who are the dating website's recommends as potential matches.

Is 321chat safe for its users?

In general, 321chat is very safe. All the chatrooms are moderated for bad and unsafe behavior, and the dating site lets you block users if the need arises. On top of that, you can reach out to customer support for any suspicious behavior. Finally, 321chat is very digitally secure, so don't worry about your personal information being leaked.

How can I block or report an abusive user?

Navigate to your profile, click on the "Options" tab, the "Private Chat" tab, and then find the option to block a user. Keep in mind that you can unfriend or ignore them as well in the same tab.

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