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A lot of dating sites nowadays are focusing on specific publics. Black dating sites are one of the most popular types. In this review, we’ll highlight the site’s main pros and cons and see whether it’s a site worth checking out.

5 Facts About BlackCupid

  • BlackCupid is mainly for people of African descent, but other ethnicities can register too.
  • She website was founded in 2000, and it’s one of the largest Black dating websites available.
  • BlackCupid is available worldwide.
  • Their free membership is one of the most complete out there.
  • There are two types of premium memberships: Gold and Platinum.

About BlackCupid is an online dating site aimed at the African-American community. It has been on the market for a long while, as it was founded in 2001. BlackCupid is owned by Cupid Media Pty, a company with a big presence in the matchmaking segment. Working with over 30 different and reputable platforms all over the planet, it is a leading service provider when it comes to dating.

Like any other dating site, is based on an algorithm to match you with the most potential partners. You can create your profile and adjust your personal information to attract other users.

Most of BlackCupid’s members are in their 30s or 40s, which means most of them are seeking stable and long-lasting relationships. However, don’t be disappointed if you’re looking for hookups or any other kind of short-lived love, since here you’ll find people with lots of varying interests.

Member Structure

As expected, most profiles on are African-American. It is a platform intended for people from this community to find each other, chat, and date (or just make new friends too). However, the website doesn’t explicitly say whether it’s only black people who can register. In fact, we found many white members using the site with no problem whatsoever.

To be honest, we found that this fact kind of defeats the main purpose of the platform. Okay, it could be interesting for white people to hang around here searching for a black partner. However, once a non-black person creates a profile, it’s going to stay there, discoverable for everybody.

How do I Join

BlackCupid joining

Believe us when we say it, the account creation on BlackCupid is by far the easiest sign-up process we’ve ever gone through. On this website, you just enter your details on one single page, and your registration is done! No need to verify emails, go through a marathon of questions, or anything like that.

All they require is basic information such as your name, gender, sexual orientation, and age. After filling out those fields and providing your email and password, you’ll be ready to enjoy. Obviously, we recommend you take some time to upload some photos and finish up your profile before interacting with the other users. That way, you increase your chances of success by a lot.


If you’re used to other traditional dating sites, navigating through will be easy. This website’s features work very similarly to those of any other platform out there. You can search and apply filters like distance, appearance, and age to narrow down the results to what fits you the most. Also, there’s a “Matches” section in which the site presents you the profiles you’re most likely to relate to. Unfortunately, to access your mutual matches or reverse matches, it’s necessary to upgrade to the premium account type.

Profile Creation
BlackCupid Profile Creation

As previously mentioned, creating a profile on is extremely simple. However, it’s strongly advised that you take some more time to properly fill it out with more information. This way, you make yourself much more believable and increase your chances of finding a match. You can add your change your info at any time on the “Edit my profile” page, located in the drop-down menu that shows when you click your picture on the top right corner. There are tons of fields you can fill, so choose the ones you find more relevant to you.

Searching and Matchmaking
BlackCupid Searching and Matchmaking

The matching process works looks like most other platforms. On the homepage, you’re going to see a search bar, which you can use to specify what exactly you’re looking for, and then click “Search.” The site will calculate the most relevant profiles and show them to you. We found that this mechanism works really well since it retrieved very accurate results for us. Also on the main page is the second way of finding people. automatically guesses what profiles combine with yours, and the best-matching ones are shown right below the search bar.

Contacting Other Members

After finding someone interesting, BlackCupid allows you to chat with them via their chat. All you need to do is to click the message icon, and a message field will pop up on the right side of the screen. Although you can write your message, just after hitting send, the website informs you that the other person can only see your message if you upgrade your membership. This is a little bit disappointing, but remember, most other dating platforms also charge if you want to message other users.

Pros and Cons
  • Premium memberships aren’t expensive
  • Easy registration process and functionality
  • It works anywhere in the world
  • It has an advanced security system to keep your info safe
  • Many important features, such as the chat, is paid
  • Mobile app only available on Android
  • No user verification system
Pricing Plans’s free account is one of the most complete out there. It offers its users plenty of features that are generally paid on other platforms, and that’s an awesome thing. However, we still recommend you upgrading to a paid membership as it is still needed to give you access to the most crucial things. Apart from ranking your profile better, messaging, for example, is exclusive for paying users.

Pricing depends on how many months you want to subscribe to.

The minimum price is a one-month payment for the “Gold” membership, which costs US$24.98. However, there’s also a “Platinum” membership type, which has even more benefits. It’s worth checking the upgrade page beforehand to decide which plan you’ll choose.

1 Month costs $30.00
3 Months cost $60.00
6 Months cost $120.00
Free services deserves our appreciation mainly because their free membership is excellent. With a regular account, you can search, visualize full profiles, view other user’s photos, and even see who liked you, which are features many other sites, including some famous ones, that don’t grant you access unless you pay.
Paid services
Upgrading to premium is a crucial thing to do for having the best experience on this platform. The vast majority of users don’t want to show their personal contact information on their descriptions, so the built-in messaging feature is the only way to go. Apart from that, you’ll gain access to many other functionalities too.
Payment Methods

Depending on the country you’re in, the available payment methods may vary. The universal ones are Mastercard, Diners, and Visa debit/credit cards, and Skrill.

Experts Conclusion is an excellent platform for finding a black partner online. Despite being extremely necessary to pay for the better membership types, the features you get are worth the money.

BlackCupid is easy to use, has an easy signup process, and lots of members all across the globe you can connect with. In this review, we give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

How does BlackCupid work? works in a very similar manner to any popular online dating platform out there. Create a nice profile, find the people you like, chat with them, and schedule your first date through the chat!

Is BlackCupid safe? is a very safe dating site. Its developers and staff team are always trying to hunt and block malicious users. However, you should also pay attention to who you’re talking to and identify possible red flags in any interactions.

How do I block and report a user who is abusive?

If you want to report some user due to bad behavior, click the “Report Abuse” icon (represented by an exclamation symbol) whenever you receive a message from them. You’ll be asked to submit the reason for your report too.

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