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Being one of the most famous dating sites for black singles, BlackPeopleMeet provides unique services for people of color seeking new connections. Let's have a look at this platform and decide whether it is good for online dating.

5 Facts About BlackPeopleMeet

  • is an online dating site founded in 2002.
  • The website's target audience is black people based in Canada and the US.
  • The website claims it is the largest online meeting place for black people in these two countries.
  • BlackPeopleMeet offers its users different ways to view other matching singles.
  • It's estimated that at least 1 million accounts are already registered to the site.

About BlackPeopleMeet

Founded in 2002, is a dating website created for the black public, as the name suggests. It was intended to be a place where black singles from the United States and Canada would meet other singles in their area to make new friendships, date, and have fun in general. As of today, the site's owners claim they're the largest online meeting place for black singles in those two countries.

Although its user base is obviously smaller than the dating giants like Tinder and, it's very likely they really are the largest one in this very specialized field, as they say. To find other people on this platform, there are some different ways you can try. The standard search feature has many filters you can apply to narrow down your results. Some of the parameters include distance, appearance, whether the profiles have photos, and so on.

If you're on the lookout for the best black dating sites, keep scrolling! In our BlackPeopleMeet review, you'll find everything you need to know!

Member Structure

As you can imagine, only black people are allowed to have a profile on BlackPeopleMeet, since this is the purpose of the website. Apart from that, the platform works pretty much like any other dating site we're used to. There are users from all over the two countries it operates, and each one of them with a unique style and dating interests.

If you're straight, there will be a bunch of other straight men and women you can connect with. If you're homosexual, there will also be plenty of gay and lesbians for you to enjoy your love life. And there are options both for short-term and long-term love, depending on what you wish.

How do I Join BlackPeopleMeet?

Creating an account on this dating platform is simple and hassle-free. Once you go to, you'll be asked a few questions to begin with the process. You'll need to provide a little of information about yourself; what are your gender and sexual orientation, name, email, and birthday. In addition to it, you'll be asked about the country you're in and your ZIP/postal code since that's how they're able to show you the most relevant profiles near you.

After entering your email and creating a great password, you'll gain instant access to BlackPeopleMeet's pages. However, we should note that sometimes the sign-up process doesn't work that well, and when you're about to complete the process, their service becomes "unavailable," as shown in the error message that appears. Nonetheless, that's just a small barrier to a great dating service like this. In case this happens to you, try restarting your browser or registering on a different day.

BlackPeopleMeet joining

BlackPeopleMeet's functionality is pretty similar to the other dating sites most of us are already used to. As soon as you fill out your profile's information, you're ready to get started browsing. With the free account, you can do pretty much everything from searching to viewing other members, but the major problem is that you need to upgrade to a premium membership to chat with them.

The search options are great. You have plenty of filters that can tell the site's algorithm exactly what you want in an effort to be provided just with people that match your criteria. In addition to it, there's also a more modern way to find a potential partner, the so-called "Matches" feature. The platform guesses what profiles you might be more interested in based on your activity and show them on a page where you can swipe right or left to indicate if you like them or not, basically like the system Tinder and other major relationship companies use nowadays.

Profile Creation
BlackPeopleMeet Profile Creation

To create a profile on BlackPeopleMeet, one shouldn't worry since the process is really simple. As soon as you access the website's landing page, follow the steps previously explained, and your account will be created. Next, we recommend completing your registration by adding as much information as you can to your account. To do this, go to Settings - My Profile. There you're going to see tons of options to complete your information. Write about yourself on the "In a Nutshell" field, and describe the kind of person you're looking for in the field right below the former. And don't forget to upload as many pictures as you can!

Searching and Matchmaking
BlackPeopleMeet Searching and Matchmaking

The most popular way of matching with other members on is through the search feature. There you can choose between many filters to apply and tailor the results specific to your needs. However, the website also allows its users to match via two more modern approaches, the "I'm interested" or "Today's matches." These options allow members to swipe right or left on potential matches shown on the screen one by one. Many people love this feature since it is a more interactive way of meeting other singles.

Contacting with other Members

To contact other members, there's a way to message them from within BlackPeopleMeet. It is presented in a very familiar way, as most other relationship websites do as well. However, the service is available only for premium subscribers. There is a chat feature, too, if you want a quicker communication experience. Again, this is only available for paying users, which stresses out the importance of getting a premium membership if you want to use When contacting someone for the first time, the site actually helps you with something called "Message Ideas." It is just what it sounds, a couple of suggestions for you to break the ice.

Pros and Cons
  • A space fully dedicated to the black community;
  • Online users are more likely to respond here than on other sites;
  • Make your profile visible just to the people you want.
  • A paid membership is essential;
  • Fewer users than platforms like Tinder, Match;
  • Many catfishes and white intruders.
Pricing Plans

Registering an account is free at first. You'll have access to the most basic features of the site with it. However, for the full online dating experience, purchasing a paid partnership is crucial.

  • A premium account starts at $16.75 for one month and gets cheaper the longer the subscription;
  • The 6-month plan is billed in one payment of $71.70, which equals $11.96 a month.
Free services
Most of BlackPeopleMeet's basic features are included in the free membership. Some of the functionalities comprise the profile creation and the possibility to upload photos, search for other members with filters, send a "flirt" to other users, view member profiles and pictures, and see who viewed your profile.
Paid services
Upgrading to premium allows you to do much more on BlackPeopleMeet. Apart from including all the free membership functionalities, the paid plan gives you full access to messages and chats, see the members who liked your photos, see who flirted with you, and much more.
Payment Methods

This website accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, as well as PayPal and checks by mail as methods of payment.

Experts Conclusion receives a 4 out of 5 stars rating. It is a great dating site if you're black and looking for someone with the same ethnicity as yours to date. Obviously, there are some catfishes, but that's something present even at the best dating apps and sites today and really isn't something their team can do much about.

Troubles can be avoided by using common sense and precaution, as in any other site. Overall, BlackPeopleMeet is a safe and reliable dating website. Their user base is not enormous, but that comes with the perk of your message being unique to the receiving party. That's especially true knowing that you must pay to chat, which by the way, is something we recommend you do.

How does BlackPeopleMeet work?

The site's flow is simple, like other major dating apps. Complete your profile, conduct a filtered search, swipe left or right for matching users, and chat with them with a premium account.

Is BlackPeopleMeet safe?

Yes, this is a fairly safe dating site. Obviously, proceed with caution with every member you connect with. Catfishes are everywhere, so if you find any red flags, consider reporting or asking for verification.

How do I block and report a user who is abusive?

As BlackPeopleMeet say themselves, they're serious about keeping their users safe. You can report any member by clicking the "Report a Concern" icon at any profile or contacting customer care for further help.

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