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5 Facts About Ebonyflirt

  • You don’t have to be black to join.
  • Free services and premium membership available on Ebonyflirt.
  • Customer support included
  • A satisfaction policy is available.
  • Security features and functions

About Ebonyflirt

Ebonyflirt -a well-established site – in existence for several years. Right at the start, the service attract a healthy user base, as proven by reviews. Both its demographic and its community seem to be vibrant.

Excellent responsive user support and a highly customer-friendly apps serve its strong community well. As a result, the reputation has been earned for flirting dating sites that are good to use for those wanting to arrange casual dating or look for long-lasting companionship. Good contact functions and a growing reputation within its online dating community combine to ensure that Ebonyflirt is popular and well-respected. This site has become a go-to for singles wanting to strike up a relationship with ebony singles in their local area and beyond. But does the site deserve this good reputation, or does it flatter to deceive? This review will reveal all.

Who are Ebonyflirt Members?

Ebonyflirt has upwards of 150,000 users in the USA alone. Out of this substantial number, around 90,000 users can be categorised as active. Overall, this represents a good ratio and a proportion that stacks up well against most dating services online. It is worth noting that there are considerably more male users on the site (67%) than females (33%).

Although, as the name suggests, Ebonyflirt targets single black people on the hunt for partners, the site doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you are white. You are still able to become a user and join the service. All this considered, unsurprisingly, the largest proportion of members are black. People from the LGBT community are also welcome to join.

Ebonyflirt members

Joining Ebonyflirt?

One of the key questions that potential users have about online dating service is always about registering. People question the ease or difficulty. We have good news in that Ebonyflirt, makes sign-up both a simple and straightforward process.

Users must submit a zip/postal code to kick things off, and your email also needs to be cleared and verified. These two steps cannot be jumped, but several parts of the rest of signing-up are able to be missed out. No limitations on sexuality preferences are made: straight, homosexual or bisexual singles can all register. Everything is really easy to follow. All that is required is that you give information about age, gender, where you live, and an email.

As with most other sites, email verification is an important, vital part of the process of registration. The email sent to you to verify your email address often goes straight to ‘Promotions’ or even ‘Spam’, so you need to be alert to not miss it. This email normally arrives in your inbox within 10 minutes.

Adding a photo is a step that you can omit. Naturally, all images you put on the site need to be images of you, nobody else. Ebonyflirt admins will check all photos before allowing them to be displayed on the pages. It is then possible to add further biographical details.

Ebonyflirt joining

This site has thousands of fans around the world, not only because it gives you the opportunity to meet an interesting relationship partner, but also because of its easy to use and user-friendly interface. You can easily find any section on the site in a matter of minutes.

Profile Creation

Creating a dating profile on Ebonyflirt is no problem at all. However, as so many of the parts of the process can be missed out and avoided, the result is that you see several profiles that are a bit thin on the ground and don’t give very much information at all. Looking at things more positively, you can use plenty of cool matchmaking functions if you so wish.

The admin support operatives will regulate all images. There are several profiles that look as if they are fake. However, these stand out and can be spotted, in all honesty. A real bonus is the ability to write a status on your profile whenever you choose. This grabs attention and lets other users into your mind.

Ebonyflirt Profile Creation
Searching and Matchmaking

If you want effective ways of searching for potential partners and improving the likelihood of matchmaking success, there are some great features to use. ‘Promote My Account’ is the best method. Users need to ensure they have photo uploaded to take advantage of the function.

Members must indicate their preferences. These include the likes of random meets, short-term relationships, or longer-lasting relationships. A status - similar to one that you might put on the major social media platforms – can also be set.

As part of the feature, a special promo message is distributed. Potential matches will be added to a Favorites list. You can then review this at your leisure.

Ebonyflirt Searching and Matchmaking
Getting In Contact With Other Users

Communication is definitely a strengths of Ebonyflirt dating. Contact features are seamless, functional and customer-focused. User can have fun with both text and photos in the messaging feature. The ‘Cute or Not’ feature is a chance to show what you think of other members. What’s more, you can show other users you fancy them by sending likes.

5 daily free chat messages are your limit with the free version, but another bonus is that free search features can be used. You can search members on their location. Finally, flirty contact can be made vias the Flirtcast feature – a great way to connect with online users.

What’s Hot or Not on Ebonyflirt?

  • Make contact easily with users other members on the site
  • Unlimited chat is only available if you subscribe to premium
  • Plenty of active single users online
  • Dating profiles don’t tell you much
  • Fake accounts exist
Pricing Plans

You can enjoy a 3-day trial for $1.50 per day on Ebonyflirt. There are often various promotions available offering discounts on price plan paid memberships. A month’s membership is available for $28.80 per month. 3 months as a full member works out at $16.20 per month. The cheapest deal and best value is available for a full 6 months as a member, at $13.20 per month.

Free services
Available free services are typical when compared with other similar dating sites. There is no charge to create an account on Ebonyflirt. You are also able to browse profiles and enjoy basic search capabilities. You can also play the Cute or Not game. As an introduction to the service, free functions on Ebonyflirt are good.
Paid services
Ebonyflirt is not different from most other dating services. The best features are fee-based services. With a premium subscription, unlocking the bio information of users beyond the basic of details is possible. Enjoy unlimited chat with other users. Additionally, take advantage of Flirtcast and Promote My Account. These are great to use
Payment Methods

The payment methods for Ebonyflirt are credit card or Visa debit card.

Experts Conclusion

Generally speaking, Ebonyflirt holds up well against other similar dating sites. The service promises to give users a genuine black dating experience, and it is hard to disagree with this assessment. Free features give users a chance to decide whether the site will be for them before upgrading to a paid membership.

The vast majority of users are black singles and seem to be genuine. As with any dating site or app, you will come across fake profiles. However, these are few and far between and easy to spot when they appear. Overall, Ebonyflirt is worth investigating for sure. You should give it a try.

How does the site work?

Ebonyflirt works just like most dating sites with easy search filters. Communication is a strength of the site.

Is Ebonyflirt a safe site to use?

Ebonyflirt is a safe dating site to use. Users can also choose their level of ‘safe mode’. For example, infull’ safe mode, only verified members would be able to contact you.

Can you block or report abusive users?

Yes, and there are various other safety features in place on the app too.

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