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Before joining EastMeetEast.com, it’s important to check out EastMeetEast reviews to assess how good this dating site really is. So, we’ve called our dating experts in to create an award-winning review full of the most important details about this up-and-coming dating site.

5 Facts About EastMeetEast

  • Easy to use dating platform
  • Women can send messages for free
  • The majority of singles are young Asian-Americans
  • More women than men use the service
  • 700,000+ members

About EastMeetEast

EastMeetEast is an online dating site designed for Asian singles looking to meet other Asian singles without costing an arm and a leg or even leaving the house. EastMeetEast goes the extra mile to create an easy-to-use service for Asian-American dating. As such, the only users welcomed to the community must fall into this category.

With over 145,000+ connections already made online, EastMeetEast has the means to find you the long-term Asian commitment you’re seeking with a highly compatible partner. Above all else, longevity in a relationship is the most important aim, rather than spamming as many connections as possible.

Member Structure
EastMeetEast members
  • Male – 40%
  • Female – 60%

EastMeetEast is predominantly popular with younger men and women in the USA, rather than those above 44. It seems that as we increase the age ranges, we struggle to find any senior members using the site. This suggests that younger people are serious about finding long-term partners rather than sex, and seniors are looking elsewhere. Although the site is modern, it’s easy to use for people of all ages, so older members may soon follow the younger members of society.

How do I Join EastMeetEast?

EastMeetEast joining

Becoming a member of EastMeetEast is quick, easy, and stress-free, with the application process being streamlined recently. EastMeetEast offers multiple methods of becoming their newest member, with traditional sign-ups and Facebook registrations both offered.

Joining through Facebook enables your basic information to be transferred and allows users to easily transfer photos from their Facebook accounts. All users must still input the following information, regardless of how they choose to sign-up.

  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Current occupation
  • Birthday
  • ZIP code
  • Email address
  • Secure password

Afterward, you’re required to confirm your email address with the link sent to your inbox. Without doing so, you’re not welcomed to the site. This adds an additional layer of security for EastMeetEast members as profiles remain out of search engine results.

After adding the above information, you can add more personal information and profile photos to your dating profile to attract more people. EastMeetEast recommends that you add as many photos as possible to increase exposure.

Profile Creation
EastMeetEast Profile Creation

Unlike other competitors in the niche market, EastMeetEasts users really take the time to add many unique details to their profiles that others can use to compare how compatible they'd be together. Users on EastMeetEast can find information relating to all manner of a potential partner's life without needing to send a message and waste any time.

Users can gain insight into the following areas:

  • About Me
  • Personal details
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Connected Instagram account for more photos
Searching and Matchmaking
EastMeetEast Searching and Matchmaking

Compatible matchmaking is an essential part of how EastMeetEast is designed and operated, and the site's crew does all they can to facilitate this.

Members can search for like-minded people easily using a wide range of search options relating to the above areas, such as hobbies and interests, characteristics, lifestyle, and more.

Contacting with other Members

EastMeetEast facilitates their users making contact with each other in many different ways, including offering detailed searching options that can be changed with ease to alter the search results found. The main ways that members contact each other online here is through sending private messages and private chats. Women prefer to use the Live Streaming feature to connect with men, but guys aren't afforded this luxury without stumping up for a membership package.

Some users opt to send smiles to initiate conversation when they don't quite know how to break the ice; this can be done at no cost!

Pros and Cons
  • Women can communicate for free Men can only see message previews for free
  • See who browsed you Most profiles lack content
  • Extended search options available Links on the homepage are broken
  • IOS mobile application Limited dating advice
  • Women can communicate for free Men can only see message previews for free
  • See who browsed you Most profiles lack content
  • See who browsed you Most profiles lack content
  • IOS mobile application Limited dating advice
Pricing Plans

Purchasing a membership on EastMeetEast comes at the cost of:

Premium Subscription
1 Month Membership
3 Months Membership
6 Months Membership
12 Months Membership
1,800 Coins
4,800 Coins
18,000 Coins
Free services
  • Register for an account
  • Chat with premium users
  • Check out who viewed you
  • Search for users
  • Browse profiles
Paid services
  • Send unlimited chats to anyone
  • See read receipts
  • Men pay for live streaming feature
Payment Methods
  • Credit Card
Experts Conclusion

EastMeetEast is a relatively decent online dating site attracting hundreds of thousands of people from across the world, offering a unique platform for Asian-American dating. Being used primarily in the USA, the site has risen up the rankings and claims to have matched over 140,000 singles.

EastMeetEast is the ideal place to get online, start chatting and meet like-minded people and this can be done in a multitude of ways. Most members prefer to chat in the video live streaming feature, allowing users to see who they’re connected with, allowing them to gauge a much better insight into who they’re connected with online.

All in all, EastMeetEast is a premium dating platform trusted universally by both men and women that doubles as the perfect place to meet Asian-Americans dating.

How does EastMeetEast work?

EastMeetEast works primarily by allowing Asian-American singles to find their desired partners within their demographic for long-term relationships based around compatibility.

Is EastMeetEast safe?

Yes, EastMeetEast is a premium dating site with over 700,000 happy, satisfied members. To date, now security or financial issues have arisen through using EastMeetEast’s dating site.

How do I block and report a user who is abusive?

Users on EastMeetEast currently cannot block other members. Instead, they can report their actions and hide their profile. To do so, simply click the settings button on any user profile.

Dr. TaMara Griffin
Dr. TaMara Griffin
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