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IAmNaughty is one of the best chat sites around. Just carry on reading our review to find out all you could ever want to know about the site.

5 Facts About IAmNaughty

  • Complete out a personality questionnaire to join
  • Most users are single heterosexuals
  • Fake profiles can be seen on the site
  • 300,000 users on site each week
  • 70% of members are men

IAmNaughty: The Lowdown

IAmNaughty is an easy-going matchmaking and dating site with a simple ambition. This goal means connecting singles on the same wavelength in their local vicinity. It tries to draw singles together for casual meets. The formula is a proven one. The name of the owner may be familiar to many. Bulova Invest Ltd. is a famous name company. The brand is responsible for running a number of services aimed at various matchmaking niches in the market

Are you searching for casual relationships and sex? IAmNaughty does the job. Are you experienced with dating sites? People may well recognize the look of the website and its functionalities. There are similarities to a couple of other sites under the Bulova roster. The ite look sharp and striking clean design. Users shouldn’t experience any issues as they browse. This is a user-friendly site. Of course, the big question is does the service give you what you need from a dating site, so let’s now look at the member structure.

Member Structure of IAmNaughty

There are over 500,000 members in the USA alone. Even more impressive is that 300,000 users are active on each week. Although LGBT are welcome to join, there is no active targeting by advertising for the site. This means that most users are heterosexual. It’s also worth noting the gender split. This is 70% men and 30% women.

There are more USA members than any other territory, but you will discover users of IAmNaughty all across the globe. The community is a vibrant, diverse one, but the age range of users is on the young side, compared to many sites.

IAmNaughty members

How Do I Join IAmNaughty?

The good news is that registration to IAmNaughty is fast and easy. You’ll find the whole process very similar to what it is like when you create an account with many other dating sites. Gays and lesbians are free to join, but in all honesty, it is probably better to sign up to one of the many specialists and niche sites as this one is largely hetero in its make-up.

Email verification is required, but if don’t want to give too much personal detail about yourself away, simply jump past a large portion of the enrolment questionnaire. Not only have that, uploading a profile photo when your register, is up to you. You are not obligated to do so.

Signing up only takes a short time. It just takes you minutes to submit a few simple steps, such as adding age, gender, and area. Sign up as a straight guy or woman. Alternatively, indicate that you want a same sex relationship. What follows is a set of personality questions. However, this is optional. You can omit this too.

IAmNaughty joining

Take some time to explore all the features of our site. You will be surprised by the convenience of the interface and all the search functions that you can easily use to find your soul mate. Be sure that on our site you will find everything for your convenient use.

Profile Creation

Creating a dating profile on IAmNaughty is easy. However, because people can choose to miss bits out, it means that you see a great number of user profiles that are short on detail. As with most sites, there are some fake profiles to be found, but these tend to be easy to spot. It’s also worth mentioning that you will come across many ads inside the site's profile pages. Viewing user details doesn’t cost anything. You are also allowed to view members’ images for nothing also. This is a bonus as this isn’t often the case of many dating sites.

IAmNaughty Profile Creation
How to Search and Find a Match

There are several features and services available on the dating site that deserves a mention in this review. These are features that are designed to make the whole searching and matchmaking process more enjoyable and easier. The ‘hot or not’ gallery is open to all members.

Flirtcast is a great way to get a message to all the people who match your search parameters. This can be a real time-saver. It allows you to send a pre-written message to multiple users. Another cool feature is the ability to write a new status update whenever you want. This allows other users to find out what you are thinking at that time.

IAmNaughty Searching and Matchmaking
Making Contact With Members

Contacting users is straightforward on IAmNaughty. The chat function enables you to have a total of 5 daily free chats. On the site, it is also possible to send an unlimited number likes without cost too. This is an online service keeps things basic and functional when it comes to communication features, but they work well.

Private messaging is reserved as a function for premium members to enjoy. It’s also good to know that members can employ the chat feature by using photos and videos. An upgrade to a premium membership is required, but this is well worth doing for the ease of contact it enables users to have you. If casual meets are your thing – as is the case for most members a – contact by video or images saves time and gets you noticed too.

Pros and Cons of IAmNaughty

  • Great for younger members
  • 3-day trial available for a premium membership
  • The high number of weekly active users
  • There are some fake profiles
  • The majority of members are male
Pricing Plans

Various pricing plans are available. The 3-day trial for premium membership is well-publicized and is well worth it – especially as there are often extra promotional offers available too. Normally a month’s subscription costs $28.80 per month. 3 months works out as $16.20. If you opt for 6 months of the premium membership, the subscription is just $13.20 per month.

Free services
Various pricing plans are available. The 3-day trial for premium membership is well-publicized and is well worth it – especially as there are often extra promotional offers available too. Normally a month’s subscription costs $28.80 per month. 3 months works out as $16.20. If you opt for 6 months of the premium membership, the subscription is just $13.20 per month.
Paid services
As with most, if not all, dating sites, the best features are paid features. These are the best functions and options that are only available to those who have paid for a full premium membership. The key benefits of paid membership are unlimited chat, viewing photos in full-size, and the ability to browse photo albums.
Payment Methods

You can use all major credit and debit cards as your payment method for the dating site.

Experts Conclusion

IAmNaughty is very much a laidback, straightforward type of dating website. However, key to its success is the fact the site delivers and gives you what most people want. The trial with premium features is an excellent idea and is well worth taking up. This allows you to try the site out to decide if it is going to meet your needs. The features and functionality are simple and straightforward. The dating community is vibrant and varied. If you crave casual fun, you could do a lot worse than this site! It is well worth giving it a try.

How does the IAmNaughty dating site work?

The IAmNaughty site sticks to a tried and trusted format for dating sites. It is practical and effortless to use and generally is pleasing to use.

Is IAmNaughty a safe site to use?

The dating site is safe. The admin team look out for content that is either pornographic or offensive content. They also look out for examples of copyright infringement.

Can you report or block abusive users on the site?

Yes, users are actively encouraged to report suspicious activity, and you can block any abusive users on the dating site.

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Dr. TaMara Griffin
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