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Seeking good interracial dating sites? You have found one. Lovoo rightly can be considered one of the fastest-growing dating app platforms of the year. That can only mean good news as you have more singles available for you to consider potentially. No matter if you’re just looking for a friend, want a steamy hookup, or a dedicated relationship, Lovoo has something to offer you.

Check out more details about this dating platform in our review below!

5 Facts About Lovoo

  • Has an Android and iOS app.
  • Has millions of registered users worldwide that remain active.
  • Owned by The Meet Group, which also runs several other dating sites.
  • Offers a free plan and a paid membership.
  • Has a live stream feature.

About Lovoo

While it’s not the oldest, Lovoo is certainly not the newest platform either. After getting its start in 2011, however, it’s had over 8 years to continuously evolve itself as a place for members to connect and fall in love. In 2017, The Match Group took over the helms after forking over $70 million, which resulted in new features such as the ability for users to view and host their own live streams. As Lovoo focuses on improving its user experience, its growth will only increase from here.

Member Structure

Lovoo has a huge user base of over 70 million active individuals across the world. With over 90,000 logins that occur daily, there’s no doubt about it that you can find lots of potential matches. On Lovoo, you’ll tend to find more men than women, and most of these people will live in European countries. The average age of any member is on the younger side, between 18-35 years old.

Lovoo members

How do I Join Lovoo?

Because of how quick the sign-up process is, you could get it done right now in just 5 minutes at most. After signing up either with your email or Facebook login, you’ll be prompted to finish a form of basic information such as your name, location, birthday, etc. Once you check your email or SMS verification, you can begin looking around the dating website without having to set up a profile right away.

Lovoo joining
Profile Creation

Unlike other sites, Lovoo doesn’t feature a profile that’s as robust. However, the plus side of this is that it makes for a quick experience in viewing as many profiles as possible. Once you upload a photo, you’ll then complete an ‘About Me’ paragraph, add at least 3 photos to your photo gallery, and that’ll about do the trick. Lovoo will complete the rest for you by pulling your name, location, age, and online status and compiling it into a basic profile.

Lovoo Profile Creation
Searching and Matchmaking

Lovoo has a “Discover” feature which makes it easy to search amongst all the site’s users. The filtering options are simple, which lets you narrow down your choices by age, location, gender, and others. What you’ll usually see are pop-up profiles that provide the bare minimum when it comes to details about the member. In terms of actual matchmaking, you can send hearts, move users to a Favorites list, and send only one free message a day unless you obtain a membership.

Contacting with other Members

There are plenty of exciting ways to contact members you’re interested in. For one, this site has its own matchmaking game called “Play,” which sort of embodies the essence of roulette. After being grouped, you can opt to tap on the heart if you like the member or ‘X’ if you want to move on. Another feature that’s perhaps Lovoo’s trademark is Lovoo Live, which lets any user on the platform earn money for live streaming. They can accumulate diamonds, which can then be spent for Lovoo credits or turned in for cash. Finally, the Radar feature is Lovoo’s way of giving you automatic suggestions for potential matches near your area.

Pros and Cons
  • Over 70 million users with high activity
  • Lovoo Live Video is an available feature for every member
  • Credits are free to accumulate and spend
  • Plenty of security features to protect user data
  • Free plan only allows 1 icebreaker message to be sent per day
  • Profiles are not as robust in detail as other dating sites
  • Some features, like Live Video and Radar, are only available on the app
  • The user base is not totally balanced
Pricing Plans

Lovoo provides free services, paid services, and the ability to purchase coins. Consider your budget and evaluate how long you might want to stay on the site.

Membership Prices
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
Credits (coins)
300 coins
550 coins
2500 coins
8000 coins
Free services
The free plan gives you enough power to make foster those connections and spark a bit of romance, but your features are quite limited in comparison to the paid services. Although you get access to the live video feature and can send hearts, you only get one icebreaker message daily.
Paid services
The paid service offers you more insights into your dating life on Lovoo and completely improves the user experience. For one, you won’t see any ads. Next, you can send as many icebreaker messages as you want. On top of that, you’re able to see who saw your profile, who sent you likes, go back to profiles you’ve skipped in “Play,” and search the website anonymously. Plus, who doesn’t love better profile visibility for better matchmaking prospects?
Payment Methods

You can pay through three options, which include your credit card, PayPal, or through your phone.

Experts Conclusion

Dating site Lovoo.com review conclusion: Lovoo is a solid dating platform that offers a legit experience for millions of users in matchmaking. The addition of a mobile app and creative features like “Play” and Live Video make for a great user experience despite the lacking profile cards. Plus, Lovoo’s commitment to try to upscale and innovate shows us that the platform will only continue to grow in its already huge user base.

How does Lovoo function?

Lovoo works as a site and app to let you manually and automatically be matched with users close to you and around the world. A host of unique features lets you explore the dating realm in a new way.

Is Lovoo safe?

Yes, Lovoo has verification systems and policies set in place to provide a safe experience for all users.

How do I block an abusive user?

Lovoo adds a report button that is located in the top right of each profile card so that you’re able to block right away if needed.

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